Gambar Keloid. Keloids are enlarged raised scars They can be skincoloured pink/red/maroon or darker than the surrounding skin They usually feel firm and smooth They are shiny and hairless A keloid can appear within 34 weeks of a skin wound but can take a year or longer to appear A keloid may continue to grow for months or years Multiple keloids.

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Keloid scar formation arises from a disorganized fibroproliferative collagen response that extends beyond the original wound margins because of excessive production of extracellular matrix (ECM) Despite treatment options for keloid scars including medical and surgical therapies such as intralesional steroid injection and surgical excision the recurrence rate remains high Herein we Author Samuel F Ekstein Saranya P Wyles Steven L Moran Alexander MevesCited by Publish Year 2021.

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What are keloids? As a wound heals scar tissue forms Initially the colour and texture may differ from the surrounding skin but this usually flattens and fades with time It is not uncommon for a scar to become slightly thick and raised This is called a hypertrophic scar However a keloid (also called a keloid scar) is the name.

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Referensi Keloid atau bekas luka keloid adalah pertumbuhan kulit yang terjadi ketika tubuh menghasilkan jaringan parut terlalu banyak setelah mengalami luka Keloid tidak berbahaya tetapi banyak orang menganggap keberadaannya dapat mengurangi kecantikan Pada sejumlah kasus keloid sulit diobati jadi pilihan terbaik adalah mencegah.

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Keloid scars are more common on the upper chest shoulders head (especially the earlobes after a piercing) and neck but they can happen anywhere Credit Keloid scars are usually shiny hairless raised above surrounding skin hard and rubbery red or purple at first before becoming brown or pale.

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Untuk lebih jelasnya berikut ini gambar keloid yang tumbuh di dada saya Keloid yang tumbuh di bagian dada tersebut berawal dari cacar air yang saya alami pada tahun 2002 Sebagai anak berusia 11 tahun yang penuh dengan rasa penasaran saya selalu memperhatikan cacar air tersebut & akhirnya tergoda untuk menyentuh memencet dan mengorekngorek cacar air yang sudah mulai mengering itu.